Automate your Twitter using Google Sheets

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Sheetstweets is completely free and I will help you set it up.


Click the button and follow the instructions.

What can Sheetstweets do?

It can post on Twitter automatically based on Medium recommends.

How Sheetstweets work

What is Sheetstweets?

Sheetstweets is a tool for automating Twitter posting. It is made entirely with Google Spreadsheet and IFTTT. Which means it is 100% customizable. Initially it is build with Medium articles in mind, but that is just the beginning!

How does Sheetstweets work?

Sheetstweets is a chain of events happening in Google Spreadsheet. The chain is started by IFTTT when it adds a new row in one of the sheets. The spreadsheet then takes the new value and take some steps based on that e.g. scrape a website or make a list of tags into a Twitter-ready text of hashtags. The infographic below explains the process superficially.

Sheetstweets explained

The setup I have made here is based on sharing a tweet about an article you have read on Medium. The reason for this is that it showcases perfectly how you can use Google Spreadsheets scraping functionality to get the right tags and the author’s twitter handle automatically. With that said this framework can be customized into any kind of awesome setup you want.

I want it! How do I get it?

I am happy you ask ?

Sheetstweets is completely free and I will even help you set it up.


Click the button and follow the instructions.

What is included?

  1. You get complete access the tool and all the code in it
    Sheetstweets is a Twitter automation hack made in Google Spreadsheets, which enables you to automatically Tweet about articles from Medium and it is the foundation for any other setup you might want to automate.
  2. Four Videos explaining how to setup it up properly
    After you are done watching the 4 videos you will have your own working setup for your Twitter account.

Who is it for?

Sheetstweets is for you who:

  • would like to grow an audience on Twitter
  • would like a little help with making the content posting more efficient
  • would like to have a solution that helps to save time and money

You don’t need to be a computer wiz. I explain how to do everything in the videos.

What do I need?

I will explain what you need in the videos, but if you are curious I can tell you that you need a free account here: Twitter, Medium, IFTTT, Google (Gmail, android, etc.).

The cool thing about Sheetstweets is that you don’t need a server to use it and it is completely free.

Who is Kim Døfler

Kim Døfler is an Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, Developer, and Designer. He likes to automate everything that can be automated. ??

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What is a twitter bot?

There are many different types of Twitter bots. The common theme among them is that they can act on behalf of the owner.
Some of the most common uses are to auto reply or auto-tweet based on some preset template.
Sheetstweets on not a bot in the same way as described here. Sheetstweets only auto tweets when you recommended a Medium article.
Opposite many of other twitter bots, this doesn’t have any follow automation.

How to make a twitter bot without coding?

To set up the bot for yourself all you need to do is the follow the guide provided. Just click the button above.
You don’t need any software on your own computer, the bot runs entirely online from Google Sheets with the help of IFTTT.
You don’t need to know any code like Python or JavaScript, the system is built on “simple” Google Sheets formulas.

What is the best tweet scheduler?

The best tweet scheduler, in my opinion, is Buffer. Luckily you can easily connect Sheetstweets to Buffer. That way it will tweet using Buffer instead of directly auto-tweeting to Twitter. If you do decide to connect it with Buffer, you would be able to check your future tweets by visiting your Buffer que.

Can I get tweets with images?

Yes. If the Medium post has an image connected it will automatically appear in the auto tweet.
Alternatively, you can make upload an image to twitter and embed the URL in your tweet templates. That way you will images in your tweets.

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